Pre-Construction is the planning process before actual construction. It involves discussing, figuring, and determining the entire scope of a potential project. This should include the cost of the project, the scope, or size, its schedule, and coordination. Other factors that an owner might be concerned with are addressed during the pre-construction stage of a project. These services offer owners a clear view of how efficiently money and resources can be used and allows owners to determine if a project is viable or not. Albertelli’s comprehensive pre-construction services will minimize potential issues and help keep your project on time and within budget. Our aim during pre-construction is to provide the information our clients need to form educated decisions about their project.

Pre-Construction Capabilities

  • Detailed Cost Estimates
  • Bid Management
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Scheduling

Pre-Construction Process

  • Project Scope
  • Risk analysis
  • Review on Constructability
  • Engineering
  • Cash Curve
  • Electrical
  • List of equipment
  • Site plan and its evaluation
  • Manufacturing Analysis
  • Scheduling
Preconstruction Services in Jacksonville FL
Jacksonville pre-construction services

Detailed Cost Estimates

At Albertelli we have an exceptional track record for estimating project costs. We apply a deep understanding of the design-build process and use historical data to accurately determine construction costs. Our carefully developed cost estimates are reviewed by the project team and executive managers to confirm that the best pricing has been obtained. We work hand-in-hand with owners and subcontractors to ensure the budget goals will be realized.

Value Engineering

Early in the design process, our project managers and operations personnel work closely together in order to deliver our clients the value they deserve. We explore potential alternatives and the best solutions are implemented into the scope. Doing so eliminates costly redesigns, lost time and ensures the project stays on budget.

Constructability Reviews

We frequently conduct constructability reviews to ensure there is a clear understanding of the project’s design intent. The team makes certain that all construction documents are detailed and coordinated yielding comprehensive bid documents. This process produces accurate pricing and valuable subcontractor feedback used to enhance the delivery process.


Our team of experienced project managers and operations personnel utilizes their vast experience to optimize a project’s critical path and coordinate activities to support its successful completion. The team works closely with owners to ensure all project milestones are attainable and clearly communicated to the entire project team.